Classroom Newsletter

Mrs. Wolfling’s

Third Grade Class Newsletter

Week of January 27 - 31, 2020


Look What We Are Learning

Reading  –Unit 3- People and Nature – The Big Question: How are people and nature connected? J

Writing – Students will be writing a piece for a Student Made Book that will be sent out for Publishing.

Language – Unit 3 - Review.

Spelling–Unit 3 - Review.

Math –Ch. 6 – Multiplication and Division Patterns– Lessons 7-9.

Science-Earth & Me – Land Use.

Chapter Book Reading Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White.


  1. Unit 3 – Week 6 Spelling Test on Friday, 1/31/20.
  2. Reading log & Math & Social Studies homework went home on 1/24/20. All are due back on Friday, 1/31/20.
  3. January BOOK IT! went home on 12/20/19. It is due back on Monday, 2/3/20.
  4. Report Cards went home today, Friday, 1/24/20, with students.
  5. Valentine’s Day Party & Valentine’s Card Box Letters went home today, 1/24/20. Our classroom Valentine’s Day Party will be on Friday, 2/14/20. Valentine’s Day Card Box is due on 2/14/20 but it may be brought in to school beginning on Wednesday, 2/12/20.
  6. Early dismissal @ 11:40 am on Wednesday, 1/29/20.
  7. Scholastic Book Club Book Orders forms went home on Friday, 1/17/20. Orders are due by Friday, 1/31/20.
  8. The Third Marking Period Chapter Book Reports went home on 1/10/20. Students need to read Chapter Books for these reports. Each question for the second marking period needs to be answered in complete sentences. The completed reports need to be turned in on Friday, March 13th, 2020.
  9. The weekly spelling list and the classroom newsletter are on the Bentley school website. Click on “Barhitte Teachers” then “Mrs. Wolfling”.
  10. Daily Reading/Chapter Book Reading RequirementAll third grade students are required to read at least 10 minutes per night at home each school day. They are also required to read 5 Chapter Books at home each marking period. A Book report form needs to be filled out & returned for each Chapter Book that is read at home. Each question for book reports needs to be answered with a minimum of 5 sentences. The book report forms for the Third Marking Period were sent home on 1/10/20. The 5 book report forms for the Third Marking Period are due on Friday, March 13th, 2020.
  11. Please work with your child to learn multiplication facts at home. Students should know all facts up to 12 by the end of third grade. Extra practice at home is essential. Flash cards are a great way to practice!!!!!
  12. 12.Mrs. Wolfling’s classroom phone # is :(810) 591-9679.


Class work that students do not finish in school will be sent home to complete at home and return the next day.

Homework papers go home on Fridays and are due the following Friday.

Have a wonderful week!                   

Mrs. Wolfling



Math- Chapter 6 –Multiplication & Division Patterns Test on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Study Guide

Students need to know the following vocabulary words & examples:

  1. Array-an arrangement of objects into rows and columns of the same length.
  2. Divide– to find the number of groups.
  3. Dividend– the number to be divided.
  4. Factor- a number multiplied by another number.
  5. Multiple – the product of a given number and any other whole number.
  6. Partition-to divide or share equally among groups.
  7. Quotient-the answer to a division problem.


Students need to be able to read word problems and:

  1. Draw and label a division fact. The dividend, divisor, and quotient need to be labeled. For example: 12 ÷ 3 = 4 : 12 is the dividend; 3 is the divisor; 4 is the quotient.
  2. Students need to explain how they will remember which numbers in a division problem are the dividend, divisor, and quotient. The dividend is the number being divided, and the divisor is the number by which the dividend is being divided. The quotient is the answer.
  3. Partition objects.
  4. 10 x 4 = 40 is the same as 4 x 10 = 40.
  5. Understand how to read information in a table.
  6. Know how to use an array to multiply.
  7. Use a multiplication sentence to check a division problem. For example: 9 x 3 can be used to check 27 ÷ 3 = 9.


Please refer back to the math worksheet papers that your child brought home for Chapter 6 to help explain the above listed items.

Mrs. Wolfling