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Mrs. Malmquist

I have been a teacher at Bentley since 2006.  I have two daughters, Samantha, who is 27 years old and graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint, and Allison 23, who attends The University of Michigan-Flint this year.  I enjoy reading, movies, traveling and spending time with my family.   I am the student council adviser and keep busy with after school activities.  I am looking forward to another successful year at Bentley.

Classes for 2020/2021:

Criminal Justice
AP Environmental Science
Black History & Global Studies/Holocaust

Criminal Justice:  This course covers how we define crime, types of crime, the court system, the prison system and the adult and juvenile court systems.  
Criminal Justice syllabus 2020-2021 2nd hour.doc
Criminal Justice syllabus 2019-2020 3rd hour.doc

AP Environmental Science:  This coarse is a college level science course that covers:  The environment and sustainability, ecological principles and human population growth, Earth's resources and land use, energy, and pollution and global change. 
AP Environmental Science Syllabus 2020-2021.docx

Astronomy/Meteorology:  This is a two semester course.  The first is astronomy which covers the earth, solar system and the universe.  The second half is meteorology covers weather and climate and focuses on the impact on earth.  
Astronomy syllabus 2020.doc

Black History & Global Issues:  This class covers 500 years of African American history from it's origins in the civilizations of Africa through present times.  We also include current events and compare what is happening now in places around the world to the plight of African Americans over the last 500 years.  
Black History-Global Issues syllabus 2020.doc

 Holocaust:  This class is an in depth analysis about the Holocaust, why we study history and what we can learn from it to prevent other atrocities from occurring around the world today.  We also compare the Holocaust to other genocides that are less known.  
Holocaust syllabus 2020.docx

Astronomy field trip 2014


Class Schedule:

1st Hour


2nd Hour

GenNET Criminal Justice

3rd Hour

GenNET Criminal Justice 

4th Hour

GenNET Astronomy/Meteorology

5th Hour

GenNET Black History &Global Studies/Holocaust

6th Hour

GenNET Environmental Science



Bachelor's Degree University of Michigan-Flint, 2005

Major:  Social Studies  Minor: Earth Science

Master's Degree University of Michigan-Flint, 2007

Master of Arts in Education

Special Education with a specialization in learning disabilities

Master's Degree University of Michigan-Flint, 2009

Master of Arts in Education

Literacy K-12/Reading Specialist


Social Studies 6-12 (RX)

Earth Science  6-12 (DH)

Special Education Learning Disabilities K-12 (SM)

Reading Specialist K-12 (BR)

MTTC Tests Passed:

Basic Skills

Social Studies 6-12 (RX)

Earth Science  6-12 (DH)

Learning Disabilities K-12 (SM)

Reading Specialist K-12 (BR)

Elementary Education  K-5 (ZG)

English 6-12 (BA)

Phone: 591-9545

Please feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns and I will get back to you as soon as possible.