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Ms. A. Medlin
Ms. Medlin's Syllabus

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I have been in education since 2001. My experiences are vast. I have taught grades first through eighth in Pontiac, Flint, Detroit and Saginaw. I have held many leadership positions such as Principal, Assistant Principal and Lead Teacher. My favorite grades and subjects to teach are grades sixth through eighth English Language Arts, Communications and Drama. Outside of the classroom I have provided professional development for other educators that include: classroom management and engagement strategies, balanced literacy programs and climate and school culture. I have been recognized for my success in student achievement, writing with students to create social change and for creating a warm and caring classroom culture. 

Literacy Philosophy: 
Students must be able to use reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking in effective ways to communicate their needs, assist others and be a productive citizen in the 21st century. Being a literate citizen is freedom and without it people are forced to rely on others to assist them through life. Effective use of these skills creates positive change for the future and a productive workforce. 

College Preparation:
I am a proud three time graduate of Oakland University. My certifications are as follows:
K-8 Teaching degree with a major in English Language Arts
K-12 Masters in Reading Specialist
K-12 Post Masters degree in Educational Specialist

Outside of School:
I am an avid reader and believe that research and preparation is important to understanding the most up to date information on educating students.
I enjoy physical activity such as weight lifting and bike riding. 
I love animals and one of my favorite past times is going to the zoo.

Final Thoughts:
I hope to continue to be a part of our warm and caring staff and look forward to working with all of our wonderful families.